About Us

We have been doing archery on a professional level since 1999 and consquently brought great success to our country. Under the name of AS-ES Archery we added the production of archery materials to our archery enterprise and thus began producing high-quality materials on a professional level.

The name AS-ES stands for "one and powerful", seeing as our company was established with the intention of becoming a better company as time goes by and serving our country in the best way possible.

AS-ES aims to be a company that provides services as well as production for affordable prices.

Based in Turkey, with our reliable team and the use of our own machines, we will keep producing our own materials. As great athletes and top-level testing machines will be testing our products, the quality control will be performed professionally.

We will always stand by our products and as a professional company, our products will be guaranteed to be of good quality. We wish to contribute to our country by producing a high amount of archery materials and with the help of professional support we will help our archers get the best material we possibly can. In this field, starting off as the biggest company in Turkey excites us greatly. Being the first company that produces archery materials will help us to think bigger and will make being successful our main goal.

Our firm, AS-ES, will be giving international distributorships and we believe that’s gonna help us prove our potential in the sports business market. As a firm that is going to create his own brands&models , the most important factor for us is gonna be highest quality&reasonable pricing policy. AS-ES will gather lots of firms under its roof and is going to support a lot of firms and archers.

The short name of winning while just getting started.